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The relationship between nature and man


Meditáció a gyógyító szimbólumokhoz
Minden szimbólumhoz készül egy-egy meditáció. A 4. szimbólum ízelítőként meghallgatható.

New chakra pictures have been taken and it is now possible to have a personal and online course!


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Healing symbols

Gyógyító szimbólumok történetei


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Zen Poems

Nerya Erika Zubor

The stars are always there in the sky! At daylight, and if the skies are cloudy they are not visible! However, I would know they are shining above me!
So might be in my consciousness as well. I know, that shining is ever present in my life, even though I can not see nor feel it.
In the summer of 1996 I started painting during a meditation camp in Tata. I was angry and felt humiliated. I felt so unlucky being at the biggest turning point in my life. During my time in the camp I was painting unceasingly. Thirteen paintings were born. I put them on the wall. My fellow travellers in the camp asked me to give the paintings to them to embellish their homes. For me it was a very special sensation.
I painted wholeheartedly and couldn’t care less about my missing academic knowledge or qualifications as an artist. Nor I was bothered by some critics, who attested my dilettantism. Well, that is true! I am indeed no professional painter or drawer, simply I love painting. Whenever my time allows me I do painting and writing. In the last few years I could publish each three novels, poetry volumes and specialized books. My short stories, and poetries have been released in some anthologies. My very first art exhibition took place in 1999. Since then I have had more than twenty exhibitions in Hungary and abroad as well. The greatest appreciation I have ever received was in 2009 in Debrecen during the exhibition at the University for Medical Science. Following the opening, a homeless man came into the exhibition hall, standing in front of me he said, :”When I am looking at you and your paintings I can’t help but tell you, the true Hungarian is still alive!” Then he kissed my hand and walked out of the hall, carrying his shabby bag.

About me

What am I dealing with ?

What am i dealing with?

Some Poems

"The fragrance of lavender,
That opens up
The door of my soul
And love comes out
To the whole created world
and spreads, like the air,
without which there is no life."


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