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Runic book


Runic book


Price: 1790 HUF

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Row Cards

An important field of my research is to have a closer look into the runic letters. Ancient Hungarians were able to write and read by using the special runic letters, even throughout the Middle Ages.
For example, great Hungarian rulers like Robert Charles (Károly Róbert) and King Matthew (Mátyás) controlled tax collection by using so called runic letter sticks.
A set of cards also has been published and can be ordered.
Workshops are held and lectures given regularly by me about the topic of interpretation and every day use of the runic letters.


Price: 2500 HUF

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Sorry, not available in English at the moment.


Price: 3000 HUF (only in digital)

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 Shabas mirror 

Sorry, not available in English at the moment.


Price: 3000 HUF

Digital Price:  1990 HUF 

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While I waited

This volume, consisting of poems and short stories, was published in 2015. Find out more under “Poems”

The wind touches me softly,
The wind touches me softly,
Its message goes to my heart,
Happiness is not a moment,
Happiness is the whole existence,
That surrounds me and mirrors inside,
And I get dissolved in this dance,
Which in its endless movement
glitters in the light of reality.

Amíg vártalak, versek_edited.jpg

Hymn to the light

She passed me the light
In her tiny hand.
Her eyes caught fire.
Hard years were passing by.
Giving birth,
She hold the light in her tiny hand.
Wind was blowing,
It was raining,
Light was shining.
Life is blooming in her soul.
I was born to live. –she said.
I came to life.
The light of my life is
In my hand.
Follow the light,
When you cry,
When dark clouds come,
When everything hurts.
Listen to me and follow the light.
Many-many lives,
Many-many tears.
Light’s shining in your smile.
Your soul-bird releases from its prison.
Now it’s free.
Now everything’s yours.
Raise your head,
Smile on me!
Your trembling tears trickle
Down slowly,
Like the years of your life
Pass by.
Watch the light, that warms you inside.
Smile on me!
A fresh star is born in your eyes,
Dawn brings you the light,
The darkness of the night
Sends word with winking stars.
Light shines in your soul.
The light is yours.
Light is everything.
Today – for ever,


Over the beyond,
Over the love,
Over the sea,
Over everything.
I’ve gone far.
Over my heart.
I slipped out of it.
I came home.
Old years are aching.
Home of old love.
Where are you?
Where might you be?
Where are you going?
Come and see me,
Dear friend!
I kneel down
In front of you.
I open up my soul.
Over the love.
Over everything.

Price: 1900 HUF

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An illustrated anthology with poems was published in 1996.

Illustrations by Gabor Lajtai.


The Happiness

Deep sigh.
How much can an eyelash bear!
Close your eyes and dream it one more time.
Darkness and clouds.
The moment is sparkling.
Your inside is sweet shiver.
Your mouth is dumb.
Fresh lightning of
A breath of kiss.
Wheel, stop!
Don’t keep on turning!
I’m not touching it.
Deep sigh.
Dream it again and again.
The wheel’s turning,
it takes
the sparkling moment
You don’t move.
You can’t.
Breath makes me spellbound.
Give life to the tree.
Give life to the earth.
Give life to heaven.
I’m one with you.
I’m not touching it.
I’m not cuddling it.
That deep sigh’s
God, give me power.
God, give me time.
I take the Breath away.
Is it mine?
Is it yours?
It’s ours.
It’s all
we’ve got.

Only digital 2000 HUF


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For Christmas

This volume contains poems.

For You

I took a look into the mirror.
I saw myself through your eyes.
I called you.
My wish echoed on me,
I felt you.
You filled me in.
I am not missing you,
‘cause you are here.
The power of gentle waves.
My feelings flicker on you.
You reflect them.
I am fine.
You are alive.
You exist –
For me.

Megrendeléshez lépj velem kapcsolatba 


A könyv jelenleg nem kapható, de érdeklődés esetén utánnyomás lehetséges (2100Ft)

Tales of the old stone

Sorry, not available in English at the moment.

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Only digital 1900 HUF

Healing symbols


Consists of a set of cards and the booklet as well.

These symbols can dissolve various human traumata, while keeping the soul warm. A new door will be opened into the spirit world, and your consciousness might be elevated in higher dimensions. Teachings can be more easily explained, transmitted to lower spiritual dimensions, thus everyone and everything can be raised to higher consciousness. The symbols work for everyone regardless of their age; however, how far you can go with them depends on your individual level of initiation. But don’t worry you can not cross the boundaries of your own soul. You may say, the symbols take care of us, and are directed by an intelligence, which prevents you from going beyond your boundaries.
In the accompanying booklet you will find also some messages of Archangel Gabriel.

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Price: 1900 HUF

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Following the publishment of the Healing Symbols in 2005, I felt deeply inspired to write these short stories, which all are related to a particular symbol.
By reading the stories and sublimating their essence, certain blockades of the soul can be removed. The book takes the reader on a fabulous journey to the most existential and fundamental questions of human life.


Would you like to have an advice?

Price: 3000 HUF

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Short stories to the Healing Symbols

Gyógyító szimbólum szett_edited.jpg
Healing symbols
Row Cards
Shabas mirror
While I wanted
For Christmas
Old stone tales
Healing symbols

Sorry, not available in English at the moment.

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