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Rise Volume

I’m not sure, but I know.
There is none, but I feel it.
It’s cold and I know how to heat.
I saw a light.
I saw an eye in the light.
The pain of the world was in it.
It was deep blue.
Its tear made the cloudy sky clearer.
There was a sheep in its hand.
Sweet, clear whiteness.
Its caressing, its deep blue tear
charmed me a dream.
You see what doesn’t exist.
You feel what is yours.
The string of the untouchable nothing
binds us together.
Dreams on the highway.
You’ve given me again.
Teach me to love without body.
Teach me to caress without a hand.
I long for it so much,
that a cat longs for warmth.
You must caress my heart sometimes.
Send me golden dream.
An entire life.
The horror of tiny cells.
Why do we need
to suffer
instead of
Why does it hurt me?
The body of my body hurts me somewhere.
You’ve sent me a nice, sweet one.
Why is it so, that I eat it like bread.
Once, when the diamond’s illuminated
it sparkles and its rainbow light
shines on my life.
I wish I could feel good, that is good.
I wish I could feel hurt.
Releasing, sweet, destroying fire.
The diamond’s alive
in the light.
Today I’m so much material-like.
I build my house of clay, so that I can eat.
I bathe in the water to become wet.
Today the candle still burns in the cold.
The winter is so good.
Escape to the heat.
There is happiness.
There is life under the roof.
You would see my face.
Today it’s more, than material.
I can wear the good.
I can live through the evil without a cramp.
Untie me!
Scan me!
Look into my eyes!
Lights stretch into the night.
Soul’s strives without a body.
Its salty reallity promises light dream.
Teach me to love without a body.
The caress of the sheeps is my smile.
Look at me
and my most beautiful smile’s yours.

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