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Upon the golden fog of memories

Rise Volume

our life creeps out.
The shy rays of the sun
caress your face
from behind the clouds.
The fog beautifies, the sun shines.
Today we’re fine.
Why are we unbelievably happy?
Swallow, recall its taste.
There’s still something good.
There’s still a reason.
The power of the sun is
getting stronger
and it calls the future.
Rest my dear today.
Tomorrow you bow your head
on a golden pillow.
You’ll feel
on its fragrant sun-face
what is good to you.
Desire tickles me
with its taste.
Sparkles of miracle burst.
A colourful rainbow is the vision today.
You can hear the song tomorrow.
Sweet smoke
reaches up to your soul.
Calm down your soul today!
Prepare it
for the great journey
The sun rises again.
The rays of the sun
are strong.
The petard stars
of your fairy soul
give happiness
to the hungry.
Feel cold!
Let it hurt!
Time is endless.
it makes me
Tomorrow it’ll blow me,
like wind blows the leaves.
Something gets stuck
and elevates me.
It doesn’t know
what’s in its hand.
Its clever face’s
musing dreamily.
Where has the wind
blown this leaf from.
Catch and smooth it.
Its ribs are sharp.
Nature and life
have brought it so.
Its colours are wonderful.
Today you’re only a leaf,
tomorrow you’re a part of a collection,
the day after tomorrow you’ll think it over…
That’s the miracle of life.

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