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Rise Volume

Deep blue fountain.
Butterflies are coming to drink.
Silver hair grew on the mountain.
Siren song is flying.
Golden Day makes a sphere.
It closes like the mother's.
The moon came up,
He guesses the beautiful.
The source rattles.
Daytime animals come at night.
People settle by the fire.
They're sitting there.
The source is rattling.
They see light falling down.
In a shining sphere, one is lost.
His body still hurts.
He still wants the unclean.
There's a voice.

The silver spring water gives life. ”

A man's aching bone is pierced by the fresh laughter of butterflies.
Happiness penetrates the pores.
There's a voice.

Töltekezz !!
Love goes around. ”

Human hands are holding each other.
Golden pebbles go hand in hand.

"Pass it on!"

- Good for us, sir.

"This is the slice of eternity."
You were not wrong then or now.
You have been drinking from the cup of eternity.
By the time you came back cleanly,
A gift was waiting on the table.
Dream wrapped in gold paper.

You turned out of your four corners.
you loved,
Did you want.
You experienced.
Today a dream came true.
Your pockets are empty,
Your heart is full.
Put your hands in front of you!
Light passes through.
You will see me today.
You hurt me - You whistled.
You asked - They helped.
It was floating in blue light.

"Woman, don't be afraid of the child!
The fruit of your womb is yours too.
Far from you, who was your son.
Enough now!
Offer the boy to God! "

I have a son.
I recommend it to you, Lord God.
Look at Him!
Look, And Your Holy Spirit
By Bless Him.
Take the Glass of Tribulation.
Give Him the Water of Light.
Baptize Him, Father.

Holy water flows through it.
It is distorted and changes the sun.

"I have power."
"I have a mother."

Thank you sir.

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