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My soul’s beautiful

Rise Volume

There was a bridge
made of gold,
crumbs of tiny ant
flew through
your soul.
There was a bridge
made of gold, and
its silver blue colour
shivered your body.
The souls abuts on.
Their bodiless touch
conjures up a halo.
They saw my soul.
The inside’s golden,
like the ray
of the setting sun.
Your soul
your body
“Your soul’s
nice”-they said.
My heart
and my eyes
are of one blood.
I’ve got a gift, my Lord.
My soul’s nice
and it caresses.
My Lord,
thank you.
My tear dropping, shivering,
bodiless spiritual essence
My Lord,
thank you
for the silence.
You caress my heart.
I get everything by a fluke,
that can be given.
The miracle of life
on its golden bridge
is given me by a fluke.
The slumber
of words.
The sunshine
of my eyes
Divide all,
that’s yours.
the sweet rays
of the stars
of your eyes.
that there is
without nothing.
My Lord,
give me power
to give.
My Lord,
give me power
to see.
My Lord,
give me light
to divide it.
My Lord,
you caressed
my inside.
You gave me
a thousand times
instead of once.
You gave me
instead of one.
my soul’s beautiful.

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