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Forgive me, my Lord!

Rise Volume

I didn’t know,
that life’s dignity.
I didn’t know,
that the tear is sweet.
Forgive me,
my Lord!
Life’s walking
with a little limp.
The fracture’s
still aching.
I’m ungrateful.
I feel it only
when it hurts.
Forgive me,
my Lord!
The tear,
the light,
the taste
have become one.
You can make me great,
H U M A N –
You gave this word.
You’ve put
every single beat
of the life
into this
tiny being.
Ruddy dawn,
Bluish light.
An angel caressed
my face.
My eyes are glowing red.
Forgive me,
my Lord!
The chestnut is in bloom
in winter, too.
Today a heart
has fallen under.
It shed its blood
for you, too.
Tiled roof.
Fragrance of
Pearls are rolling.
You’ll be pardoned –
God says.
Forgive me, my Lord,
I’m only human.

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