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At the time of the stardom

Rise Volume

The sky smells of ozone.
Wrapped in rags, cold
caresses the starlight.
Everything came close
He came from the west, with bright light and
touched your face.
You flew with it, just like the passing
You were one with him.
She caresses her wrapped in rags
the night with a dewy odor.
You sleep a little.
Your eyes are open with glitter.
Be buried in yourself, rejoice
all of this.
You learned how to get inside
to be glad.
You can't wish it because
everything is yours.
They push me to the side, it doesn't hurt anymore.
The glitter in your eyes
tears for those who
they know it hurts from the inside.
Tell your son what it was
at night.
Tell me in the eyes of your mother
tears shone.
He became one with the universe,
his was the moment
Tell your son!
You waited for the light,
your grandmother's fractured bones
is dancing a

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