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27th January

Rise Volume

I’m getting better.
I’m over the worst.
I’ve laid down the baby
onto the doorstep.
I take another look at him.
He’s beautiful,
He’s smiling.
He still remembers the mother’s milk.
I leave you here, child.
You’ll grow up.
You’ll look for me.
You’ll look at me reproachfully.
Are you my mother?
I am your mother.
I lay down my sorrow onto the doorstep.
He’s crying.
The door opens.
Light and smell of food
are passing through.
Look, here’s a sorrow!
Look granddad, here’s a sorrow!
The Old Man is standing up slowly.
He’s watching him.
The warmth of the basket
still holds the sorrow.
This sorrow is
Tearful and heavy.
He’s watching him.
My hands are too rough
to cuddle him.
My heart is too weak
to love it.
After all he takes him in his arms.
Come tiny sorrow, close to the fire!
He twirls his old moustache and starts to sing:
” Army horse
has fallen over.
Bugle’s sounding,
Drum’s beating.
Marshall’s coming.
Glorious army,
It’s all lost today.
There’s a flag
In the marshall’s hand.
He bends his knees
and cries.
The flag is laying
in the snow.
Army horses
are gallopping.
The batt-le is o-ver.”
The sorrow is listening.
What did the Old Man say?
“The batt-le is o-ver.”
The sorrow is sitting by the fire,
and wiping his smeared face.
Now I confess to You, wise Old Man:
They call me sorrow,
I’m haunted by suffering.
I was put onto the doorstep.
You picked me up.
Today the war has ended.
There’s peace.
There’s peace
inside me.
Tears followed my steps,
I’ve been risen on salty water.
Now I’m stepping on its surface.
I’ve learned to walk.
I stepped over the doorstep.
I know here’s peace
Food is cooking,
Water is boiling,
Embers are glowing.
I draw myself up.
– Dear sorrow, your smile is so beautiful.
You’ve got a new name from today.
– He still doesn’t understand it,
He still doesn’t answer to his name.
– Smile! Please sit here, next to us!
I’m your father – says the old man.
I’m your mother – says the old woman.
From today, call your father “space”.
From today, call your mother “time”.
You’re the one, who was born in you
through space and time.
Warmth is alive in you from today.
Dear Smile, you live in the love.
If you’re hungry,
there’s food in the house of love.
If you’re thirsty,
there’s drink in the house of love.
Joy lives in this house, too.
It’s the guard.
Dear Smile, remember!
You live in the house of love,
Your guard is the joy.
Happiness comes from you.

– It’s good to be here, my Lord.

“This is the slice of eternity.”
You were not mistaken
neither then, nor now.
You drunk from the
chalice of eternity.
By the time you came back clear,
a present had been waiting for you
on the table.
A dream packed in golden paper.
You turned inside out.
You desired,
You loved,
You hurt,
You wanted,
You’ve experienced.
a dream’s come true.
Your pockets are empty,
You’re heart is full.
Put your hand in front of you!
Light passes through it.
Today you’ll see.
You were hurt – You whimpered.
You asked – You were helped.
It floated in a bluish light.
“Woman, don’t fear for the child!
The fruit of your womb is yours, too.
The one, who was your son
has been cast far.
Offer the son to god!”
My Lord!
I’ve got A Son.
I offer him to you, My Lord.
Take a Glance at Him!
Watch and Bless Him
By Your Holy Soul.
My Lord!
Take the Glass of Misery from Him.
Give him the Water of Light.
Baptise Him, My Lord.
The sacred water runs down on him.
It’s distorted, and it transforms in the sun.
“I’ve got power.”
“I’ve got Lord.”
Thank you, my Lord!

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