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You’ve done your job

You’ve done your job.
You taught me to love.
You taught me to find God in silence.
You taught me to open the door of joy,
so that I could move on calling,
where God lives.
It’s not a human being anymore
that is alive in your sight.
Who you are is not here.
Your being has turned to nothing.
The one I loved
was God itself.
Joy and light, that is dull.
An unseen, silent embrace.
Musing sigh, inner laugh.
I start to open the satchel,
where happiness lives.
The beauty of your hand,
The softness of your voice,
Your silence.
My untold questions.
I don’t want to know anymore
if you love me.
I’m happy with this silence.
This silence tells more
than any words.
This silence spreads and loves
everything and everyone.
Love doesn’t caress.
Love is not delighted.
Love exists.
It’s good to love.
It’s good to embrace.
It’s good to experience.
It’s good to be.

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