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Sad Angel

Charming light of our
parasite, pauper world
takes wing.
Why are we crying?
Why are we laughing?
A sad angel,
bows her head,
clasps her hands,
and stares at the Earth.
Thousand hands
are reaching out
for you.
And you don’t even
want one.
The ray of the sun
grows on the water.
The rolling sea
hits the shore,
and you don’t
even want one.
Naked, torn, half-white –
The bunting cramps
the wind with its
last effort.
The ship sails.
The sad angel’s
sitting on its stern,
and watching the waves.
Once, long ago
the angel was human being,
She gave her heart
to the others.
People laughed at her,
and tore her wings.
“Little fool angel!”- they said.
“I go back
where I came from”-the angel said,
and she’d gone, then she returned
as an angel.
She saw everything,
She sensed everything,
and her life might have been
even harder.
She had to see
the stupidity of people,
Their wickedness,
Their unbelief.
Maybe that hurt her
the most.
And she saw those,
whose wings had been thorn,
and the people decorated
with the thorn feather.
The angel then
got on a ship.
During her voyage
she met the dolphins
and asked them:
“Help the people, I beg you!
They do not do
that they’ve been
destined to.
Soften their hearts.
Help them!”

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