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Blessed is the God

Blessed is the God.
Thank you for the pain.
It has take me to pieces.
Life’s throbbing,
Sky’s beating,
Leg’s stepping.
The night
becomes empty.
Wind’s singing.
Lilac’s in bloom,
Bee’s sitting
on its violet
It collects
the melody
in its tiny
Gold sand’s flying;
It twirls, where it has a rest.
The branch’s gasping.
Breath comes out,
Heart opens,
The seed takes root.
It already
its leaves.
A drop of water
is trembling,
and rolling.
It grows the sprout
like a sparkling
The sun touches me
with its charming tongue.
It draws out
what you are.
It’s in bloom;
It’s stretching
and suffering.
It stuck out
its branches.
It’s green again.
The man’s growing.
The sunshine
of the eye
keeps alive
and grows.
The power of words caresses
like a mother does.
To write
is like
to live.

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