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Christmas Volume

Wolves are barking,
Sitting around the full moon.
They are waiting.
I am sitting
In the middle
Of the circle.
I am a believer.
The wolves are awaiting.
One is leaving the herd,
Writhing in pain,
and starts to sing:
“Woman – sitting on the chair,
Opening up.
Pain, Pain.
Pain, will you kill me!
Pain, will you give birth to me!”
I do not move on.
I do not writhe.
I do not cry.
I open up my heart
And love.
I am walking in the snow –
Footsteps in front of me.
Wolf’s steps.
I can smell it.
I can smell its sweat.
I can hear it’s barking.
I pull up my desire
To the heart.
It’s stretching like a bow.
It would tear.
It would rip.
It would burn.
God is pressing inside.
I open up my heart and love.
I lay down to the ground.
Mine is the song of the wolf.
Everything is being wasted.
Tired dream brings relief.
I suffered.
I died.
When I was rising from the dead
I saw a dream.
Golden light.
Seeing a wolf turning into man.
In my dream I was awake.
Embraces my
It is still inside.
When God is pressing.
I say:
“I open up my heart, and
I love.”

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