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Christmas Volume

Veil’s stirring.
“Take a look around” –
the voice says.
Sun glows in red
at mellow dawn.
“You’re the voice
of the day,
You’re the rain,
You’re the life.”-
It says.
I’m lost in your sight.
My sight embraces
you gently.
A kiss –
tastes like
I’m yours with dignity.
I submit myself
with dignity.
Take a step
towards me.
I take a step
towards you.
Our noses
touch each other.
Pant of a lamb.
It’s white and
“At noon
I thought
that no one
loves me” –
it echoes.
“I am the one,
who’s tammed”-
I hear.
“I am the entire happiness.”
My reflection’s sitting
there, opposite me.
“I’m the feast,
let’s say:
A little child,
with black,
curly hair.
Did I dream?
Was I alive?
Now I am!
You’re always here.
I’m always here.
We revive in
each other.
I’m shaking.
Are you hoping?
Are you shaking?
I hope.

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