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Christmas Volume

An angel has landed
and caressed our faces.
Ageless, unwrinkled faces
were looking at each other.
Their rose hearts
were in bloom.
What’s happening today?
What’s happening to them?
I hand my soul to you.
Take it!
Look it!
Ask it!
When the angel landed
the night glittered.
The devil laughed
glowing, burning
and red.
The angel
covered me
with her wings.
She feared for me.
She asked:
“Will you be good?”
“I’ll be good!”
Hit the road – the angel said.
I go.
Be careful, it’s hard!
I don’t mind.
Do you take it on?
I do.
She handed
another soul
to me.
Look! It’s brown.
It’s beautiful.
Is it?
Yes, it’s soft and brown.
It’s beautiful.
Yes, today
it’s already yours.

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