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For Christmas

Christmas Volume

fragrance of pines,
Pines grow up
to the sky,
I am one
with you.
Tiny tree,
in a tiny garden,
Maybe a bit snowy.
It’s alone,
still a bird’s
sitting beside it.
She’s singing.
Her sound’s beautiful.
The moon’s
already round.
Tiny tree with birdsong,
Wakes up
and lays down
Star of the Saviour,
has come up.
The Saviour is born.
My look,
Your look.
I am one
with you.
The Saviour
loves you,
I love you,
You love the Saviour,
because you love me.
You’ve brought me
the one, who I am,
I’ve brought you
the one, who you are,
You’ve become a man,
I’ve become a woman,
by you,
by me.
I’d give everything,
I’d get everything,
By you,
By me.
Our eyes are tearful,
Fragrance of pines.
Bird’s sitting
on a tiny tree,
and starts to sing.
It turned to dusk,
the sky’s broken.
Our sights united.
The star was still
shining in the sky.
The Three Kings sauntered.
Tiny crib.
A tiny soul’s in it.
He’s hungry,
He wants,
He cries,
and the universe
takes care of him.

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