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Christmas Volume

White paper on a white table.
Teardrop is glittering on it.
I have become pearl.
All my sides are shining.
Shell sighs painfully –
Fears its fossilized burden.
“ How many nights I grew you,
How many nights you hurt in me,
How many nights I wished to kill you,
Now that I am separated from you,
Emptiness is aching in me.
Now I let you go.”
The shell opens up.
“ Roll! There is nothing left for us.
Go, little pearl! Don’t look back!
The nights don’t hurt anymore,
The days don’t hurt anymore.
Go! Roll!”
And the pearl rolls.
There is no old shell anymore,
It is closed forever.
Where shall I go?
I am too beautiful to be a pebble.
I’m shining in the sand,
but it’s covering me.
Wave has washed me ashore.
The sun is happy today.
“ I flood you with light.”
Its laughing ray runs around.
“ I warm you up.”
A hand is reaching down.
“ Unbelievable! Is that a pearl?
Is that true?
It is.”
This is my pearl.
Shell has grown it
Over painful nights.
It has cried its soul in it.
From today, pearl shines in my hand.
From today I am myself.

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