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Wolves’ dawn

Christmas Volume

I take a step
White wolves
are running with me.
They’re not seeking
for prey, they’re only
running, because
it’s good to run.
Soft green
A glowing look
in the warm den
of the wolves.
Stretch out!
Have a wash!
Stick your nose here!
Go ahead,
chase the rising sun!
Take your son
to the shore!
Teach him the dawn.
Stand with dignity,
so that he learns to wait.
Let the wind ruffle you.
Behind blue mountains
The red dawn’s broken in.
The river is laughing
Mountains are beating
at a low tone.
Trees sound
like violins.
A bird starts to sing
a gentle song:
“Wind’s blowing red,
It stirs the dust.
It takes a rest
on the water.
are chasing,
are singing
their hunger.
Teach the dawn
to your son.”

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