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Golden rest

Christmas Volume

I’m at golden rest,
God has possessed
My Lord!
Thank you for the life.
Naughty child –
His crying smile
is mine.
I’m standing in the wind,
My Lord.
Take my tears
up to the sky.
I allowed me to live.
My shoulders are free.
Weights are not
pressing me
any more.
Your immaculate touch
is embracing me inside,
My Lord.
I’ve come to the Earth
to serve.
Still I wanted to rule
the world.
Thank you for my mission,
My Lord!
At last, I understand
your touch.
Your caress,
Your love.
You’ve implanted yourself
in a human body.
A human touch is
Smoothing you.
You’re in it.
A loving hug,
You’re in it.
The two
become one.
There’s no other,
only one.
slipped into
human body.
Anytime I called you,
I always called myself.
See the dance of joy
on the sea.
My siblings are happy.
They know,
what I know.
There’s no other.
There’s only one.
The surge of energy
turned to man.
He’s had hands,
and mouth.
He ate, drank,
lived and died.
Sometimes he loved.
If only
he had known it.
There’s no other.
There’s only one.
Thank you for
the wonder of creation.
My heart’s been eased.
It grows and
keeps on loving
without stop.

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