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Sidenotes on a postcard

Christmas Volume

Early christmas, lost joy.
Burnt piece of torn postcard.
There’s something,
that fire doesn’t burn.
It happens, that a fragrance
comes from out of nowhere.
Its overpovering fire
promises calm dream.
I came home.
Your warming being
ruffles and disturbs me.
Evil dawns
with tormenting
You hear
the song.
Then a pearl rolls fore.
You’re holding it
in your hand.
It burns!
It cheers!
Do you fear
for it?
The pearl’s white.
The sun
burns red on it.
Protect its whiteness!
Protect its warmth!
You must know,
that the warm body
of flesh and blood
reaches up
to the dreams.
Dream on!
Protect the pearl
in a bluish whiteness.
Its power reaches up
to the sky.

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