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The passage

Christmas Volume

I’m talking about
the passage.
It’s narrow.
You can barely
get through it.
It’s steep.
Its peak
can hardly be
It’s slippery.
You feel as
if you always
slip down.
This is the passage.
You’ve got tired.
You lose the hold
of the last root.
You’re falling.
Soft feather
is your bed.
A breeze touches you.
It brings you
your mother’s
Your lover
melts into you.
This is the passage.
Every cell
of your body’s aching.
So many hands
are pulling you under.
The earth pulls you back,
as you fly.
People tear and bite
your power.
The pick the light off you,
as you grow.
They tread,
They kill,
They bite.
Dogs are barking.
Place the three stones
onto your heart!
The first is the diamond –
it’s the power.
The other is the emerald –
it’s the truth.
The third is the ruby –
it’s the love.
You’re the son
of the God,
don’t forget!
Whatever happens,
He’s inside of you,
don’t forget!
Love yourself,
and then your reflections
will all love you, too.
Raise your hands –
they’ll also raise theirs,
you’ll see.
Your service is great.
Serve as a human,
This is the passage.
Light shines
on the other side.
The sunshine of our
fathers and mothers
embraces warmly.
Accept the service!
It’ll be strong in you,
and that will
make you strong.
Drop your crutches!
Step on the
narrow bridge!
The depth
is making me
Don’t be afraid!
Take a look
into yourself.
You’re in your
own light.
You, who is in everyone.
A happy look.
Cry of the new-born.
Last sigh.
Don’t be afraid!
You know the passage.
Lose the hold
of the last root!
Step on the bridge!

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