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Christmas Volume

I was climbing up
the rocks
tooth and nail,
blood and grief.
I’m looking
goes with a bow,
Still I’m looking upwards,
I’m climbing..
Depth is below me.
Past gets a colour.
Tired love,
full of vapour.
The dream’s
Everything falls from me.
I’m standing
in front of you
with a strong body.
My humbleness
is my look.
My humbleness
is my love.
I can see you.
Your inside’s
beating through
the humid air.
I accept
my bowless being.
I offer
all I’ve got.
I’m watching you.
The branch of the tree
is behind the falling kisses.
Remembering air’s
embracing me.
Smooth rain’s
washing your being.
My bare face, wet hair,
my revived treasure
is yours.
It’s all my wealth,
that I gave you.
To you.
Motions have become
I take your being
out of myself
at anytime.
There’s nothing more,
that man could give.
You gave myself back.
I cry my thanks
to the lap of Earth.
You’ve given me birth.
I was born
a little bit after three.
The air hurt.
I’ve become separated
from everything
that used to potect me.
I scream.
and I’m alive.
My humbleness
is my willing to live.
My humbleness,
my headstrong neck.
My humbleness,
my sensual loving.
I make up myself
That’s the meaning
of my life.

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