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The two pines

Christmas Volume

Below stands
the two pines.
Their branches
are looking up
My Lord! You,
living above
Listen to the words
of the pine-needles.
The Lord points
at the other pine.
Get closer to him,
He knows how
to breath.
The two pines
looked at each other.
The one, who knows
how to breath.
The other, who’s
The previous
stretched out
his branches.
He hugged
the other one.
He opened
the consciousness
of the pine-needles
with his love
and attention.
Today they
breath together.
Sometimes the clouds
land to visit them.
When they desire,
they grow each other.
They know –
They’re only pines.
They’ve their place
on Earth.
They don’t move.
They’ve learned
how to dream
while they’re
standing still.
The Lord comes down
when the moon shines.
They are standing there.
The two pines
and the Lord.
They hug each other.
Light fills them.
We know who we are,
my Lord.
We are pines,
and we are happy.
Earth is our home.
Heaven is our mother.
We know, that
life’s a delightful service.
In the morning
the sun shines
through us.
At night the moon
caresses our boughs.
We hear the song,
when birds sit
on the branches.
Bees are coming.
They take our smell.
Our Lord! God!
Thank you for
keeping us alive.

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