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The sixth dream

Christmas Volume

Smoke’s flying
among leafy trees.
Old man’s sitting.
He’s calm and happy.
Now the time has come,
I die.
You must know
the sixth dream.
Close your eyes.
You can take a rest
peacefully in my arms .
Your heart opens.
You receive the world.
The forest talks.
It tells the smell
of the earth.
Mist is drifting.
Earth takes a breath.
Clear alpine brook’s
heading down.
Stretch out your arms.
Touch the air.
Moss-pillow is
under your head.
Melt into the woods.
Respect the life.
Make a bow,
when you see
a crystal.
It’s the first tutor.
Its beauty’s arousing.
Its light is alluring.
Look into its light,
the clear mist
of millions of years.
It’s come
to existence.
Take it to your hand
and become one with it.
It’s nice,
It’s fresh,
It exists.
There’s a proud tree
in front of you.
Make a bow.
It’s survived
many storms.
Touch it.
Smell of resin
is in your nose.
Light filters through
its branches.
Nestle against it.
Feel it’s alive.
Its inside’s beating.
It’s breathing
together with you.
Lift up.
You see a vast water.
It’s like the soul.
The whale is singing.
“Grand is your soul,
the whole Ocean
can get in it.”
Move with the waves.
Further and further.
You’re on the high seas.
Dolphins surround you.
No word.
No move.
Time stops.
They’re happy.
Let your soul live.
Smile at the sun.
Live your real life.
Taste the water.
Take a breath.
Open your body
to the sun.
Dream, that dolphins
surround you.
The feeling is coming.
It’s here.
You’re looking,
like seer looks
into the fire.
Everything is you,
and you belong
to everything.

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