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Curled up on your lap

Christmas Volume

Curled up on your lap
I rest in a basket nest.
My tiny fever
ties me to my bed.
I embrace the morning
with yellow light.
My eager body
twists me round.
My blue desire
closes its eyes.
My body melts
into the night.
of timeless cuddle
is projected
on the wall.
Every touch
in me.
The flood tide
has washed me ashore.
Sky’s speaking
A sparkling stairway
opens upwards.
I rest in you.
You rest in me.
is already
I swallow a bite.
You feel the taste.
My lips
touch the water,
Desert dust
falls down
from you.
It was twilight,
now it turns to dusk
Dawn’s dashing
with a blinding sweet
You’ve seen,
You’ve eaten,
You’ve drunk.
Kind is the word,
Kind is the thought.
I embrace your words,
I caress your thoughts,
huddled up
in the chimney-corner.
Moments are passing by
Like rabbit’s breath.
Timeless being,
Light and dark.
Who are you?
You’ve come
from the light.
I’ve come
from the light.
I’m reaching out
for you,
You’re stretching
your hand.
I watch you,
You’re watching me.
You are
who I am.
I am
who you are.
All of our cells
are one.
The river’s
reached the sea.
The sea is greatful
and holds the river.
I lay down
in your fragrance.
I stretch out
like a cat.
It’s mornig.

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