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Rise Volume

His soul is kneeling in vain.
You can cry sitting in a hidden room!
We believe that the smell of our everyday kitchen precedes the dream.
Sigh, that's enough.
Our worthless human body is hanging out.
Where's the transition?
Where's the border?
Sir, give your hand strength.
Sir, give me a leading caress.
I can drive.
My unworthy body expands.
My soul is welcomed.
There are no words.
My window is open, my life is watching.
The earth under my feet,
the sky above me.
How can you love us?
Unwanted earthly bodies.
With our arm stretched,
please and sometimes thank you.
My pain is nothing.
My goodness is still tiny,
My wisdom unfolds.
My love grows with me.
Be good that sometimes you are bad.
You are bad sometimes you are good.
Give me wisdom to know what's good.
Tiny undeserved man.
Grab your hand and lead it!
It opens inside me.
It accommodates myself.
No need to worry about hurting anymore.
No need to worry about hurting anymore.
You no longer have to be afraid, you just have to know love.
Man, buds are opening.
Honey bees surround the creation.
Man, create with your hands!
Look what you are!
Crowns gemstone.
Expect everything from yourself.
You radiate like the sun.
Put your sleepy head down in peace, because today you know
to caress your heart.
My troubles are so slight.
I'm unworthy of flesh-blood.
I would like to give it, because it was given to me.
I have a thread in my hand,
scrolling, scrolling,
my skeleton is growing up.
Knowledge, wisdom and love,
The tiny flames of my feelings invigorate me.
My happiness is the liberated torment of others.
It is good with you!
Many will say.
The thread of my happiness is bright.
The sun was weaving its tiny spiders.
Life was wrapped in fairy rock.
I went back.
I am coming back.
I see my cute brook.
I saw my calm, glowing interior.
Sir, give me strength to bear my sin.
My human being stretches out his hand.
Everything is in it.
Give him strength.
Give him the courage.
What can I give you?
I look inside.
Golden lion's mouth
the silence and serenity of old columns unfold.
I'm at home.
That's where I came from.
Weightless cover for thousands of years.
Pain and agony.
Where are you sweet ministers?
My high priest's door opens.
He puts his hands on my head.
The high priest educates you.
He unwinds me unwillingly to be better
for you people.

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