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Rise Volume

The locust is in bloom,
and the leave has turned inside out.
Sadim, the blind
has bowed his head on his knees.
He sees,
the light and the pain
of thousand years are with him.
He sees, and I say your name.
Sadim! I’m calling you, be with me!
Your grey clothes, your smooth head.
Bluish grey mountains.
The moon caresses.
The five lakes mirror
the light of the pillars.
Carved by fairies.
The ember’s burning
in your cave cell.
Sadim, I’m calling you!
Watch my blind face.
Sadim, I’m kneeling on your carpet.
Thousand candles are burning,
and the eyes of the thousand-arm
keep watching me.
Yes, Sadim, you can read the sign.
The idea of your prayer
reaching up to the sky
shivers me.
Your prayer is for me.
You light the candles
and you see with your eyes.
Sadim, you’ve sent the thought.
You’ve given me.
My god is your god.
Love is with you.
Love is with me.
Deer stops wondering,
she’s eating from your hand.
Gun drops out from hunters hand.
Bloodhound goes to sleep.
Bear sleeps next to you.
The water of the lake
is like the sky.
Sadi, take a pebble, tell:
Smooth, shining, soft, warm, clear thought.
I can hear: It hurts you, that hurts me
Your soul’s delighted, if mine is happy.
Your body shines on. Imagination still
finds its way on its thorn sheet.

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