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I share that is given

Rise Volume

The door of my dream world is open.
I share split.
Everyone gets a crumb.
The golden collars of my thoughts are ringing.
I share split.
Get to the hungry,
gets to the apostate,
to the pathfinder.
I'm not starving
I don't thirst,
I'm on the road.
It's dark and I see.
The end of the road is getting brighter.
I left my grief.
I'm happy.
Come with me, look at the dream.
The door closes behind us.
Harp string hangs,
candle flame flickers.
We have peace of mind.
Take off your dirty, beaten clothes.
Immerse yourself in our stellar dream.
On the other side of the river shines a reflection of a bright torch,
Your comeback is greeted with butterflies nodding.
See where I brought you?
Honey-scented music of harps,
inner unspoken smile embraces you.
It's yours, made of soft ragged moss.
Put your wandering soul here.
You hear a story today.
Its crumbs are stars.
Today is good for you.
Tell me!
I'm not starving
I don't thirst,
no trace of overcast clouds.
The forest is resting peacefully,
her morning vapor steams up.
There is a forest smell of life today.
Have you ever seen such a thing?
My hands don't move and I stroke.
I see, your inside is shaking, though I haven't touched you.
You see, at the tip of every finger a star laughs.
The sun is rising now.
Look at the miracle!

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