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Good snow covers everything today

Rise Volume

it covers the scratched face
of the earth.
The dense lushness
of the oak forests
beckons like bushy tuft.
Today it’s cold.
The spark of the flint
finds moss.
Fire bears on the ice.
Its embers are crackling.
Its core’s glowing,
it’s escaping from the freeze.
The slushy ice’s boiling.
Life’s jingling on its sleigh.
Warm power,
Warm up the body!
Let it be tantamount to
the warmth of the soul.
A firestar appears.
Its musical stamp
lures gurgling laugh,
the body’s renewing,
its skin peels off,
its new cover is a
chrystal clinking.
Sweet, urchin smile.
Kiss claps,
it comes up
in a bone-breaking hug.
It slackens and floats
and the smile of the babies
Take care of it,
and release it
in the mirror
of your glasses.

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