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For my birthday

Rise Volume

I was sitting in my garden.
The nothing surrounded me.
Swallows were coming coming.
There were many.
The tiny garden had filled with them.
They were comin close to me,
they almost caressed my face
with their wings.
They were coming
more and more.
It was impossible to not seeing them.
An old song had come to my mind.
My father used to croon it
all the time.
The swallows brought the message.
Off we go today.
Tomorrow we’ll come back.
We caress you
in every August
The dance of the swallows
is for you.
Take their tiny breath.
They don’t leave you today.
Greyness is around you.
Man does not give,
but the swallows are dancing.
They flaunted themselves,
they were calling.
Off we go today,
tomorrow we’ll come back.
We’ll take the message.
Did you understand, you good child?
The rootless nothing,
and the dance of the swallows.
Unbind your soul,
let it fly for a while.
Fly with the swallows,
then you’ll see
how tiny and happy
is this reallity.
The soul’s free as the
swallow dance.
It goes around.
Today here,
tomorrow there.
They didn’t leave me.

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