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Rise Volume

The sun is shining.
I lift my hand.
My palm is for the sun,
its cover for yesterday.
I wink one back.
The deep sigh turned into a laugh.
The sun is calling.
"I want a cross!"
says a voice.
Small smoky pub,
yellow light, sick eye.
"I also ask for a cross!"
says another voice.
Today I bid farewell to the night.
My face blends into the moon.
Translate it!
The moon contains the sun.
The stars are happy.
Amott blinks one.
he grins sleepily, grimly.
"Where I am,
there I am the day, ”he bows.
- "From where you look,
only one star.
Get it down!
Get on the path of light! ”
Horn, the song sounds.
“Still hanging out, rope dancer?
Drop the umbrella!
Give us your hands.
we give you everything.
Get on the path of light! ”
Translucent stones,
a hand plays soulfully,
Do - re - mi.
The pain was gone.
Song, dance, beat.
Today I live,
life became my blood.
Fear is a sticky stick
Lo - wood - mi.
How beautiful.
I'm wrapping up in the moon.
A mysterious light shines on me.
I live.
I raise my hand,
light in my palm.
It echoes with the star.
Sweet Creator God!

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