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Castle of magic

Rise Volume

desire to want.
I don’t have a mirror,
I can’t see myself.
Mysterious goodness,
Conscious evil.
Irreplaceable air of Paris
The power of magnet
Repulses or attracts.
I raise my right hand.
You raise your right hand.
I close my eyes.
You close your eyes.
You’re good,
but I don’t know it.
The power of the witch
stops short.
The world, that you are
is different.
I’ve eaten,
and I’m hungry.
I’ve drunken,
and I’m tthirsty.
Never speak!
Say it only once,
because it’s a must.
Should I say it?
I should say it!
I’d like to caress
the air around you
– just a little.
Shivering desire.
I’m different.
Don’t let
your soul
push me.
I’m closer and closer.
It’s a strange power,
that pulls me here.
I’m afraid and cold.
No need to think.
No need to speak.
I must feel,
what I don’t know.

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