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The hawk's song

The glow of the sun fills my life,
The light of the moon fills my life.
The light of the sun, the light of the day,
Let us have an inheritance.
The light, the light,
The ancestor whose vision is miraculous,
And it gives me life.

? Hairline, Hairline,
Hajilaó najita,
Dawn Bridge Honeybee Food.
Dawn, dawn drink. ?

Falcon with beauty, goodness,
A dear creature endowed with love,
Whoever is free and you see it
Freedom with us.
You came from the sun and brought it
The light you've always had.
You flew over here and
You brought us the power
And the brightness.
We look at you with admiration and respect,
You came from light
And you're pointing the way home.


(Tarot equivalent: The High Priest)

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