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Hymn to the light

She passed me the light
In her tiny hand.
Her eyes caught fire.
Hard years were passing by.
Giving birth,
She hold the light in her tiny hand.
Wind was blowing,
It was raining,
Light was shining.
Life is blooming in her soul.
I was born to live. –she said.
I came to life.
The light of my life is
In my hand.
Follow the light,
When you cry,
When dark clouds come,
When everything hurts.
Listen to me and follow the light.
Many-many lives,
Many-many tears.
Light’s shining in your smile.
Your soul-bird releases from its prison.
Now it’s free.
Now everything’s yours.
Raise your head,
Smile on me!
Your trembling tears trickle
Down slowly,
Like the years of your life
Pass by.
Watch the light, that warms you inside.
Smile on me!
A fresh star is born in your eyes,
Dawn brings you the light,
The darkness of the night
Sends word with winking stars.
Light shines in your soul.
The light is yours.
Light is everything.
Today – for ever,

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