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Be trees and you will be happy.

(Excerpt from Atenyeu's Tales)

We then and still loved the trees in our souls. The tree is the bridge between heaven and earth, life, passing away. He is bound to earth as man, and ascends to heaven as man, but he cannot leave the earth until he has completed his mission. Who has how much, and man is renewed every spring like trees, and man also takes away from himself what he needs, and sprouts his leaves, branches, flowers like a tree, and passes away in autumn, as in man he dies. feelings of thought, everything lives for as long as it is necessary to live. That's the case with everything. When you are moved in your soul, think it always - and let the tree be before you - the tree will bring forth its leaf, its flower, and its fruit, and in the fall it will gather its fruit, and drop its leaves. So is it with man, whatever you feel in your time to come, fulfill it in your soul, but desire no more, and if there is no peace in your soul, think that it will pass away like the leaf of a tree. Do not hurry or go beyond what is necessary. Take an example of a tree, standing still, stem, leaf, flower, fruit, and so on. That's how you lived here on earth. In all peoples' lives, wood is a symbol of eternal life, because it is bound to the earth and to the sky like man. Be trees and you will be happy.

In preparation: Atenyeu's Tales c. book.
Cassette: Word of the Wind c. song
Private property.
Debrecen - Bank, March 15, 1999

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