Rise Volume

I'm in a circle.
You are all here, dear souls.
My consciousness opens.
I can see from the sweet cloud of my subconscious.
I see the way of thousands of years.
I see our terrible sins.
The dream is a reality,
reality is a dream.
Without a hand, you finish with a pure soul.
You are strong.
I'll be strong.
It's a thousand years.
It doesn't hurt anymore.
I broke the seal of the millennial brunette
Make yourself!
Everything wears on his palm.
Cleanse, for our transgressions are peeling off.
Shape redeemed?
By you.
Bright crystal.
The Great Pyramid.
No more desire.
No more burning fire.
Only our souls speak.
Tell me your pain.
Maybe you don't have to say that.
I'll read your eyes.
You read my eyes.
I lift my right hand.
You raise your right hand.
I know what I know.
I am who I am.

My soul leans on you.
Your soul leans on me.
We're in the circle.
I'm you
you are me,
and the angels smile.
Visszajelzés küldése

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