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When the sky’s violet

Rise Volume

When the sky has a violet colour,
when the moon lights on its own,
the jigsaw hits the road.
We build a colourful, a beautiful one,
a castle.
Unsatisfied desires.
Unslept dreams.
The jigsaw is blue, green and red.
Its little bricks are locked up.
The air is clean.
The sky’s violet.
Dream today, my sweetheart.
Today the castle is blue, green, and red.
Water, that surrounds it.
The wall’s safe and strong.
Inside the goblins are sleeping.
Shall we possess it today?
Fire murmurs.
Today our castle is so bare.
And the goblins are sleeping.
Why were you loved in your childhood?
Today there’s small chance.
Bottom of the violet skies, I beg you!
Let’s build up the castle, I beg you!
Today I stripe my life horizontaly.
Now it’s like we were building a castle.
Today nothing more is needed,
but a short sigh.
Today it’s cold.
Spinning wheel’s rumbling in the castle.
Your finger’s stiff.
The thread tightens.
Sell yourself today.
If you cannot touch,
that is yours.
Grasp the sky today!
Pull its mane!
Can’t you see, you blind fool?
there is none.
You’re eating it.
It can’t feel,
that it’s still warm today.
I open my soul.
The closed nutshell is better.
Close it!
Build a castle today!
Nicely, out of your scattered feelings.
You have nothing.
Your heritage is your castle.
Existence resides in its secret drawers.
Open its tiny drawer!
Tiny secret papers.
There’s a heart in the last drawer.
Whose is that,
and who was it given to?
Unreachable, one inch
When life can love easily.
When man can laugh nicely.
When you can cuddle me nicely.

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