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Stone heart’s broken

Amíg vártalak

Grief-dropping light burst
Through the stone.
Its heart has broken.
Yesterday’s light –
Not coming tonight –
Is keeping guard.

Always be prepared,
When the stone heart
Is breaking,
Because the river of life
Springs there,
By grief-dropping light.

Forgive me!
I’m not angry with me.
Your grief-dropping light,
Your resigned sigh.

The thing, that must live
Is still keeping you alive.
Something is still waiting
For you
Don’t ask!

It is given.
Your grief-dropping greyness
Is covering me.
I love you.

I don’t dare to ask,
While I’m hungry.
Beyond the border,
Stone heart has broken.

Now a shining,
Star-shaped wreath
Is taking care
Of the blooming heart.

Not now!
Death, please wait!
Only a short

Share the blood,
That comes
I love you.

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